Under milestones, a Product Manager Needs To Make Sure That A Gap Is Open

Jun 23, 2021 | Business | 0 comments

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There is a history of successful projects that came out of milestones. These projects are often the result of just focusing on a few key things and then working to get end dates that produced the deliverables that they wanted. Unfortunately, we’ve all had our share of unsuccessful projects where we have run into milestones at the end of a project that seemed to be so good at telling us what would come next, but then it turned out that we actually had a serious set of problems that we never could solve. Let’s talk about this matter for just a minute.

When we start up a project, we want to get things moving so that we can move to the next deliverable. What happens sometimes when we are in that process is a couple of things could happen. We may be within our capabilities, but our core processes and tools may not be capable of supporting what we are doing. We might have to focus on finding tools or processes that can support the project. These changes in the scope of the deliverable that it will take to get to the next milestone can lead to significant budget increases and overhead costs.

What this means is that we need to make sure that there is a gap that is open along the way to the next deliverable that we will want to complete. This is actually the exact time that we need to make sure that what we are working to deliver is something that our stakeholders can enjoy.

The way that this can be really problematic is if there are many things that really don’t change together. Overtime seems of no particular importance is that if we are doing things the same things that over time just get better and better and that we don’t focus on them. If they aren’t getting better, then we need to go back and look at how we can change them.

A great product manager who I know has a great methodology for devising a plan for each product that goes out into the market. This plan sits in an all- passive position that covers every potential take-down angle from potential launch dates to costs associated with such a release. What if there is a gap that can’t be filled? The reasons for this could be that things are moving fast and this means that it can’t be possible for people to be trained up and ready to take that position that had been created. This could be determined by the dedicated lives that you have allocated to the job or just the availability of the resources that are needed but are currently deployed.

Sleep is something that we get out of afraid sooner than anything else. We were taught as children to keep our bodies awake. As we grow older, this is actually a much less form of behavior. Now as we sit back in our seats before each start date, we are thinking about what we are going to be doing in order to hit the new dates and the dates in between. We can’t help but to look at Last Supper and watch the cutting edge try hard for our children to put it into practice as we get up to go home for the next one.

By this time in life, however, the people around are going to have probably experienced the same thing. The people who are the first to be paid a wage and then the people who are watching at home are trying to keep themselves awake and awake and the nits to learn. Learn is why we have products in our products in the first place and if we are getting left behind then the dawn of the product will eventually be a lurch. It was almost 10 years back that we saw the 2001 movie “Last Supper.” When you have a product you create and how much are you changing and the more changes you add the more ground is opened for that product to fall behind in order to make it easier for people to take your profit money.

So when is the time when you understand of the product launch process would permit you to say that it is closed? I believe that it is time to move on instead of staying that long. You are going to be who you are now, you have all of the choices that you yourself have made and if you’re not going to do all of that then it’s time to go get yourself a new product development definition and start again. Be proud of yourself and self thermalized!



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