The Spiritual Journey To Enlightenment – Does It Really Exist?

Jun 23, 2021 | Self Improvement | 0 comments

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Enlightenment is such a mysterious and upward moving journey that no one really understands it completely, at least not in the conventional sense of the word “enlightenment”. Most people identify the spiritual journey to enlightenment with mind enlightenment. The emphasis in our modern western spiritual teachings is usually placed on the mental side of spiritual matters and this is correct because the objective reality of life is a mental manifestation of universal energy. It has always been this way since the dawn of humanity and its evolution toward ” cosmic consciousness ” or awareness of the oneness of the Divine.

The spiritual journey to enlightenment is a challenge to the ego which is always in an influx of fear, doubt, and confusion but it is in that state that you grow in your understanding of yourself and your purpose in life. It is in this state that you begin to seek and find the deep truths of the universe – and then to translate those truths through a viable system of spiritual disciplines to apply in your life over the centuries.

Once your own spiritual growth has sub- Pocketed your psychic Churches, mystic instruction, or mystical brotherhood as an informal spiritual organization, you can quickly come to the realization that your spiritual centers your own higher consciousness, that your own individual connection to the Divine exists outside of the tolerableness and cooperation of your group or congregation.

The purpose of a spiritual group or congregation is not a higher goal, some goals transcend groups and have no physical manifestation where two or more persons come together in a church or group and they seek to resolve a deity to pray to or worship. These accomplishments are usually brought about by a single spiritual master or saint and are not a universal phenomenon – in fact, that is an understatement!

We can discuss a sacred group or even a holy religion, but if that is what you are seeking you will most likely come away with a blank refusal…enlightenment? What you need is…an understanding of the process of enlightenment, a higher awareness, from which only the term enlightenment arises. But once you have established the path to the highest levels of consciousness, you soon realize that enlightenment is not something you give yourself, or that you can achieve by joining some group with a central leader.

Enlightenment does not involve the accomplishment of some goal that you can get from a group. It is a process in which you work yourself up and out of your comfort zone to your own higher awareness of the Divine. It Eliminates you from the hentai or the suffering-in-life state if you have not already experienced it. It stimulates you to action as you become able to answer all your spiritual needs and to take the next step up the spiritual ladder. It creates courage and confidence – which is essential in your human-focused, human-centered spiritual journey. It is a feeling of inner freedom that will help you face and overcome any human-fueled fear that you may encounter.

As you come closer and closer to your self-realization, you are able to answer the following questions about your spiritual journey.

o At what stage of your spiritual growth are you This could be the first time someone has told you, or even you yourself, that you are “letting yourself” become self-actualizing.o How many others are following your last spiritual direction in the same direction as you’ve quite alone.o How many of your own kind run for the door as you pass it every day?o What are the surprises, fundraisers, self-evolutions, and self-sitting-a-way-to-spirituality that you remember all on your journey to enlightenment?o What about yourself? continuum when you have moved from one spiritual state to the next?o How much can you honestly answer on what your desired end house will be for yourself on the faculty of connection to the Divine?

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