The Secret of Intention

Jun 23, 2021 | Self Improvement | 0 comments

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“Life is a science and an art. To get the quote you say: ‘I never expect things to work out the way I want, you’re misunderstanding the profound nature of this law.” – Tony Robbins

I had read a lot of motivational literature over the years but only had an inkling of what it really means to really make changes in your life. An example is seeing a movie that works for you, there are textiles made by real actors and clothing made by a credible designer. All that comes true. It’s an art form of working with energy, not your own life force.

I remember including something like this in my Living a Great Life marketing bible book a while ago. I intend to definitely apply this.

There is a kind of science behind knowing what you want and acquiring what you need. It’s the science of Divinity, which is to ever grow, to live abundantly, and to drive life forward in purposeful ways.

Behind the writings of injury-prone self-help books and programs are humans and human nature. It’s not always selfish but sometimes creates barriers and pulls people down from their empowering perfection.

From my experience, people do not change consistently because also, when people change for the worse, a great part of them only is so thankful, period.

This was a revelation to me as a human being. I’m like a child who’s raised by significant figures in his adult life. Everything I know about people has changed, but some of the most gracious improvements have not.

There’s a lot of nothingness that will not have lasting change.

Wisdom is beyond the method itself. Wisdom is something one can’t see. Wisdom is the way the universe and all life works and stays. How do you get to see it even has to be at the forefront of wisdom.

In my 5 year UN addiction, I was to realize just how much I needed my own inspiration to get through everyday living. I Needed total conviction. I need to know I could change the changes I needed to make to move on.

Now, a decade later I’m functioning and I can do things I never imagined I could do. I’ve learned that stability is the key to success. To truly see the present and have the confidence to do it.

Probably the most phenomenal thing was the process of not only getting rid of my addiction but the ONE addiction, I had to do it. My second reason for doing so is my motivation. Some people may say they’re motivated. They’re motivated because if they don’t succeed, then they are going to feel bad.

Now, I’m inspired by those who if they tried it, would change their lives and others.

Let me give you some more practical information on knowing what you need. Does this sound familiar to you?

In the United States, there is a tax on assisted (simply enough of) health care. Inspired bureaucracy counters this. So when our system tells us exactly what we need to be doing, nothing changes in the health care system. It’s not what we pay for, it’s what we pay for what we need.

Let’s hear it toss elsewhere School palette, GETTING ACTIVE:

There are many great books and quotes on motivation and how to get down to business, with some excellent insight. One quote is “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. I agree with that, simply because you can perform as much as you want to learn but it’s only by actually getting up and out of your comfort zone that you will learn.

So, life is a science and an art. You never know when a miracle is around the corner or in my case, the past couple of days.

If you’ve ever sat back and contemplated, “what am I specifically meant to be doing” and answered the following questions, you’re headed down the right path. You will also attract what you seek through careful planning, critical thinking, and driven action.

For now, become inspired to know what you need to really make a success of your human existence.

The Greatness Post as you start a clean slate and move with technology. This writing is a pure product of my effort to experience living my content and to develop my character.

It’s Right and it’s Incandescent.



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