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Jun 23, 2021 | Business | 0 comments

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Niche market jobs seem to be ever more popular. This is because the independent job seeker seems to face more competition for every position than any other competitive market. It’s just marketing!

A niche market job is a position that fits into a specific industry category. Many companies advertise the nation’s best niche market jobs on their websites. These jobs pay well, and too often, seem to be stuck in the past. This industry is also the driving force behind many of the high-paying careers (like graphic designers), accountants, and law firms.

Examples might be retail stores or office supply stores. I recently had a friend who is a bookstore manager applying for a web designer position, thinking that she would probably never see the day because web designers don’t work for people, they work for businesses. She spotted an ad from a company I’ve heard of on a niche job board. She even 25 years ago, she found the niche market job ad by accident.

Consequently, the realm of niche jobs has expanded beyond the market of your national business. Niches have what my friends call “quite a lot of competition.” That means that a job seeker needs several years of experience in a niche business to get hired.

Many professional affiliations in your niche field are listed by searches on the web. Join them, and invest the time and interest. Make sure that your skills are specific to your niche so you have a leg up on the competition. This will also make you more marketable as a result.

Here are a few tips, assuming you have a unique skill set and can demonstrate it to potential employers from your career.

1. Research the estimated “finish time” of the niche you are pursuing. This will require you to read everything you can on that niche. You may need to invest a few hours doing this, and you may start by online research before you set up a Google alert on your niche and RSS feeds about it.

2. Find a current Microsoft Excel report in your niche field. This will be a good resource to access as you try to get a feel for a specific part of the niche. Also, if you produce articles, you can enjoy free links with sites that will provide industry news about your niche (to help keep your articles updated, and to show others that you are an expert).

3. Access Google’s niche report on your own niche area, just do a search on your own keyword. Enter “June 2014 analysis”. Google gives you a breakdown of the most popular sites that rank in these categories and shows you where you need to rank to even be considered for an advertised niche market job.

4. Find studies on the “finish time” of professions or special niches. You might search for, but for the sake of staying on the topic of being marketed correctly to niche markets, I would really suggest that you do this research only to find that there is no timeline to being successful in your chosen niche.

I would also suggest that with niche market jobs, employers expect to see a positive “finish time.” That means that you need to prove that you are capable of making the necessary efforts, and have a lot of experience. Additionally, your background should be related to the niche that you see yourself first getting hired to give you a leg up. These factors allow you to show the employer that you’re capable of making the projections that they’re looking to spread.

Even if you feel that you have a lot of experience and don’t have much experience related to a niche job, the market increases every day. Companies are always willing to hire new talent to help with their niche markets and to re-brand their offerings. I’ve heard that some of the most famous software products are acquired by a company because they got out of their niche market.

Take the time to master your niche market in your area. Know more than the average worker because if a niche market job is so booming, you can dream of being employed in that position too. And, having a high level of knowledge and exciting experience will help you land the ideal job. That is what will help you stop dreaming, and start taking action today.



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