KINGROON KP3S 3D Printer Upgraded Titan Extruder Aluminum Double Linear Guide Rails Dual Cooling Quiet Fans Easy Assemble FDM 3D Printers Printing Size 7.08×7.08×7.08 inch

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Product Description

KP3S 3D PrinterKP3S 3D Printer

KP3S 3D PrinterKP3S 3D Printer

KP3S 3D PrinterKP3S 3D Printer

Why choose KINGROON?

KINGROON work to design quality, innovative, easy-to-use 3D printers that inspire our customers to create reality and achieve dreams.


KP3S is a mini 3D printer perfect for a beginner. It has all the functions of a printer, can be DIY modified, and is suitable for a variety of printing materials. Based on the shortcomings and advantages of printers on the market, KP3S has been completely upgraded.

Dual Guide Rails Dual Cooling Fans Direct Drive Extruder Resume Print Function Silent Motherboard Easy Assembly

KP3S 3D PrinterKP3S 3D Printer

KP3S 3D PrinterKP3S 3D Printer

KP3S 3D PrinterKP3S 3D Printer

Easy Assembly

The KP3S printer body is 98% pre-installed, and the assembly is very convenient. It only takes 2 steps, and the maintenance of the printer is simple and easy.

Fast &easy to remove models

Flexible Magneitc Sheet for easy first layer adhesion and user safety. No more adhesives to increase adhesion or scrapers to remove objects.

Direct Drive Extruder

Compared with other extruders, tian extruder is more forcefully during the feeding process,more effectively to improve the printing effects.

KP3S 3D PrinterKP3S 3D Printer

KP3S 3D PrinterKP3S 3D Printer

KP3S 3D PrinterKP3S 3D Printer

Dual Guide Rails

KP3S 3D Printer XY Axis Liner Rail Guilde has the characteristics of high precision, high hardness and low noise, which makes the printing smoother and the printing accuracy doubled

Resume Printing Function

KP3S has the ability to resume printing even after a power outage or lapse occurs.

Fast Heating for Hotbed

Fast heating and Heatbed reach 110°C in 3 mins

Technical Specifications

Model Number KP3S Build Size 7.08×7.08×7.08 inch Technology FDM Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm Print Resolution 0.05-0.3mm Filament Diameter 1.75mm Applicable Filament PLA/WOOD/TPU Maximum Hotbed Temperature 110℃ Maximum Printing Speed 100mm/s Maximum Nozzle Temperature 260℃ Print Via USB/TIF Card File Format Available STL/OBJ/GCODE Software Cura/Slice/Host… Filament Break Detection Upgradeable Auto Leveling Upgradeable 3D Touch Resume Printing Support

Printing Technology

Printing Size
7.08″ x 7.08″ x 7.08″ 7.88″ x 7.88″ x 7.88″

External Internal

Linear Guide Rail
XY Axis XZ Axis

Printing Platform
Flexible Magnetic Sheet Carborundum Glass

Resume Printing
√ √

Filament Detection
× √

Belt Tensioners
× √



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