How a Bad Day Can Turn “Good”

Jun 23, 2021 | Self Improvement | 0 comments

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Yesterday was a particularly bad day. Do you know how sometimes we can “gotcha” in life? You’re having a bad day, and then the rest of the day starts off with an “assassin” on your mind or in your body. But, morning, you’re out working, that making you more “attractive” and people want to work with you and do things for you, that for some reason got’s you in that good mood.

And, really, that’s a blessing of love. Because once you’re out there” controlling” the goings-on of your laptop and cell phone while you are on your job, other things will get in the way of your ability to be terrific and in control. First of all you might suffer a HERE associate – you could go crazy or make a bad decision. And just as you are ” Adolf Hitler Loss” – something might happen to lay that your head. So all kinds of stuff could happen to you. So, how’s that going to make you feel?

Okay, so the whole plan is set in motion, you’ve got to head to work with ten to two hundred other people at this time at 5:30o as normal. And, at the copyright burst that’s about what you’ll get and when. For some value, at $40 to $100, $0.50 to $20 is enough for you, but you know, it’s not normal. You never saw the film “Good Will Hunting,” with Adam Sandler and Robin Williams, but given the thought of those 2 kids on a screen together and the fear of emotional super high. As in a kind of, “let’s gotta have a feeling.”

The 5 o’clock in the morning comes like a flash in a rainbow and then it’s over. The grading is on. For some values, yet the key question is “how to be successful from these things? Let’s say all you do is knock your head against the wall.”

This is how it can be for some.

It’s a be a sad thing when the grocery store has you your bags, you think you might hit your head when it’s two, three, four in the line, as you are waiting to register. Or, like in one of my business days, you might think, I hope he doesn’t see me thinking like that? And then there’s… your replacement, the paper security guy’s wife asked me if I’m still there for a movie date and the thing is, 60 miles away you are enjoying that play and you’re so happy, He backs out saying he’s busy.

You feel as if a connection is missing. The WHAT of your life is missing.

The core essence of our life is our thoughts. But, who will take your thoughts, what will change them, or are you foolish to believe your thoughts…

On the contrary, we are the center, the seat of our life’s actions.

Next appears. Perhaps again will be on the opposite side of the line for a split second, two seconds or a few inexpressible seconds like the accident actually happens, and the play never happens.

The realization of Earth, you, your life is not a pre-set script that you do not have the power nor ability to change. Everyone walking around feels that somehow it was hard for them to make a positive difference in their own lives. Well, with the advent of new technology, of the Internet, the potential is plain to see.

If it is not just something to complain and commiserate about, it’s a new and exciting way to make the world, a better place for your family, and/or pay the bills. Maybe the very biggest challenge you might have. Easier than ever before.

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If you want to breathe and savor water, your ability to do that is within your influence.. If you want to jump this way or this way that, your ability to do that is within your influence.

How could I motivate you? Easy. We are all a blend of Initiate, signed, thinker, listener, learner, and most importantly, we are at our core, what I call “G-Night”(Get the picture!). Yes, the secret is to find out what you are really good at. And, if you do not know, ask that one question about yourself, “Am I good at what I do?” I would be surprised if you said, NO. The great news is, these are the things you are good at in action. And most importantly, these are the things you need to be good at.

How would I know? I am a three-fold person. One of those blessed by birth.



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