Eight Tips For Successful Management

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Over the last few years when attending workshops as a manager or employee there have been a few activities that I have consistently shared with participants. These eight tips have been key to my success and I thought I would share them with you.

Before the workshop begins, make sure you know in detail what aspects of the business are represented. Attendees can look at the entire organization and then either buy into what needs to be done, or they can see that certain areas are not being addressed nor are certain areas being reported and therefore know that real improvement is needed.

The last time I attended an organization I was checking out the decorations for what they were about to do, nothing unusual to see, it was consulting, followed by proper clothing. To reduce boredom I was surprised I saw their whole logo – it is not easy to see the logo, but the gray includes each company name, they have on a white background – an extremely professional look, it looks like they have the appearance of being not an accounting firm but an engineering firm. While the colors are not typical “blue” they do have consistent bars of corporate colors.

This is obviously not a static list – I have attended numerous workshops and it evolves season by season every year. My experience will help you to understand the importance of naming the activities and the uniqueness of how they are going to be accomplished. The workshops did not always seem like they had too many activities where they started and ended with something new and exciting to come back to next week and a next month follow-up with. Sometimes they are simple meetings with no help or assistance. While others go far off the topic from the session.

7. Share how you found the other sessions were going. In the best case, you end up with a list of the follow-up meeting times and what was the result of the leaders’ actions. This gives you a record of what they accomplished. It can be very productive to draw notes. Write down who you spoke to, what they did, and how you ended up forming a positive relationship. This has been proven to be a very effective way of meeting goals and achieving objectives.

8. Your manager or supervisor also where to add value to the organization. At the end of any training, workshops, or seminars they should share the leadership or the new concepts. I have had someone tell me about a workshop they went to last week, they were the only ones who attended? This type of event helps you to get to know your manager and better understand the organization. It also makes it easier for you to listen to and learn from the Wh Globe Report, the next article in this series will go into meetings, reward programs, decision-making processes, etc.

It is very important, and vital, to take notes if you attend functions, regional meetings, or company closed-minded events. It may sound a little odd for them to write down a note but these events can be some of the most beneficial for the organization. Over time these notes will be read and taken, and allow you to better not only hear what is being said but listen as the speaker speaks to the group. Lastly, well-prepared Checklists are an effective way for a group to do this because adding a specific category under each task, or section of one, will usually give quick points across the folder.

Expectations are important for a successful user group, if you are not setting goals you will most likely be doing things the opposite. With the goal-setting process, you will be closely examining your goals and clarifying priorities and the quality of your decision-making process. You will also be questioning previous introductions and decision holders about their topic. If after several months, you are not under the weight of missed or late goals it may be worth it to hire a consultant for the same time and money. The process of setting goals will help you to better understand the traits of your management style especially subtle manipulations to train and inspections that may be necessary to progress your objectives.



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