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Jun 23, 2021 | Self Improvement | 0 comments

Mission statement min

“For where your treasure is, there your spirit will therefore achieve immortality”


I have a client who has a scary habit of getting whatever he thinks he wants at the moment. He also has another less scrupulous habit. That person will sabotage all things for very materialistic gain. In our coaching session, he was asked about the thoughts in his head thinking that he really wanted to receive and create the things that he would get the material things. He rattled off a laundry list of things and then some and relied on the rough checklist to have them checked off so he could manage to do this on a regular basis. It seems he never stops to consider that he might be sabotaging his own efforts in this battle. I asked what he considered the cost of doing these things.

He knew (in his own mind) that they cost him. Well then, why do these things that cost Him so much actually make him miserable. I asked how many of these actions have taken place. They need to be repeated by his answer. And if they have not, then they don’t!

There is no such thing as free! If you are a customer of anything, of life, then you pay for what you receive. The prospect, the experience, the product, the service give you what you pay for. You will receive the thing you most want.

He has tried several strategies and he had not commented on any of them. He pushed on and he would keep on pushing on — he continued to have the same patterns in his life. Yet he continued to stubbornly repeat the pattern of doing these things and he kept on making the same choices. I asked him if it was OK to stop. He didn’t understand what life was all about.

My client told me that he wanted to apply creatively in order to stop. But I will BC choices now and when he feels more able to be more creative, he’ll opt out a little from that place and begin picking out the things he would rather do and then pick one big one that would fully unfold for him.

When people face a challenge, it is like saying to them that they cannot do that. It is an obvious truth that is grounded in science. It is only the creation of tunnel vision and the arrogance in your own mind that the abundance of the world cannot be experienced if you are right.

The only thing that is keeping us from experiencing the sweetness of life is the fact that we are to experience it, but we have been conditioned to prevent serves us as interminable. We have been bound by that desire to avoid and by that desire to believe in restraint. I get it. I totally get it!

When you take that first bold step and decide to approach the book you want to write, the process too can be made by you alone. That doesn’t mean you can’t continue to write to yourself more often and to achieve your version of the goal. It actually means that as soon as you stop the work that you are doing now, you will once again be called forth to do as you have done before. Our anticipation of the goal, of what it will look like, always keeps deep within us. It’s a wonderful thing to realize that this is a great power. Now, let’s get on with it.

Sometimes your fear of writing this book is really not about the book at all. It’s really your fear of something else. It could be fear of being published, yet another assist in client attraction, or more accurately it is the universe that says “I will lack fascination, and therefore a more worthy thing I can attract.”

One way to use this method is to have the goal of having an increased amount of your highest values as a byproduct of reaching this particular place. This can include how much fun you want to have, how much power you want to give, how you want to be treated, how you want to get there “so fast.” Just make sure it is something that you truly desire at the deepest of levels. Whenever the goal is achieved, it opens the flood of energy that will attract your desires. Live within that expectation and watch great things come and go as if by magic. You can do it! I’ve already thanked my universe in advance and thanked myself for reminding me!



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